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You Can Order A Three-Course Meal For Your Dog At Hard Rock Cafe In Manchester!

Have you ever wanted to go out and sit in a restaurant or a cafe with your dog and be able to order them a meal as well? Well, it turns out that starting next week – on the 26th of August, you will be able to do that in the Hard Rock Cafe in Manchester. But your dog won’t only get a simple meal – a three-course threat will be served to every dog whose owner orders any full-priced main course meal on the menu for himself… and that “three-course threat” your dog will receive will be free of charge!

This is called the “paw patio” menu and it will launch on the 26th of August because it’s International Dog Day – and what better way to celebrate dogs than to treat them to a three-course meal? It will include a “canine cocktail, a puppy patty, and a doggie dessert”. For now, everyone eating with a dog will only be allowed to sit on the outside terrace.

This brilliant idea came to the staff after they would regularly get asked whether customers could bring their dog with them or whether they could bring a bowl of water for their pet. Of course, they decided to come up with something way more interesting than just a simple bowl of water for all pets.

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