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Window cleaning is not as easy as it seems. You need the proper equipment and knowledge in order to be able to achieve great results and actually have the window looking spotless. If you have tried cleaning windows yourself then you know that sometimes they turn out covered in marks and streaks. This is very far from the outcome you have expected. After all, you start cleaning because you don’t want it to be dirty yet it turns out ever dirtier than before.

A great way to never worry about these things since they can be pretty frustrating is to contact Monster Services and let our fully trained cleaning technicians do what they do best and provide you with those amazing results that you struggle to achieve on your own.

We provide high-quality services

Our cleaners use equipment that is proven to give high-quality results – both industry-approved and tested by us. Before we use something we always test it and make sure it will really be as efficient as everybody says. As we said, we want to be able to leave our customers happy with spotless windows. Customer satisfaction is guaranteed. We use purified water to clean windows which is our secret weapon. All of those marks, streaks, and dirty spots that sometimes tend to stay on the surface after the cleaning is finished are fully removed when you use the right tools.

Your windows are in safe hands

Our schedule is very flexible so you can count on us even on weekends and official holidays. We are known for our excessive training that we make our team undergo whenever we hire them.

But that’s not the only time they train. Whenever we decide to add a new cleaning method, we create another training for them. That way they can learn how to execute it perfectly.

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