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This New Manchester App Allows You To Share Your Car And Make Money!

There is a new platform that allows people living in Manchester to rent their cars to those who need them and make money because of it!

This car-sharing app is called Karshare and it’s the first UK platform made that allows car owners to rent out their vehicles. It connects renters with owners and gives the opportunity for the owners to make extra income.

It is reported that there are over 40 million cars in the UK but only 4% of them are used on daily basis. Through this app, the developers want to put the cars which aren’t used to use while helping those who don’t have a vehicle but need it.

It is said that Manchester will become a zero-carbon city by 2038 which means that CO2 emissions need to be reduced at 13% each year – and this app will help with this mission.

How To Use This App?

Karshare has made renting your car very easy – all you need to do is sign up your car. You won’t need to meet with the renters nor would you need to drop off the keys or retrieve the vehicle.

The Karshare app will act as a virtual key and will allow the renters that are approved to locate and unlock the cars.

To ensure the safety of both parties, the Karshare app will track the renters’ behaviour, the distance, and the fuel levels.

If you are a car owner then once Karshare approves your vehicle, you can select dates and time when you want to make your car available for renters.

What About Insurance?

Karshare has partnered with an insurance company that automatically provides fully comprehensive insurance during the rental period. This won’t affect your own insurance and will give you peace of mind if any accidents happen.

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