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The First Ever Live Drive-In Theatre Coming To Manchester This Year!

The First Ever Live Drive-In Theatre Coming To Manchester This Year!

The first live drive-in theatre ever made will come to Manchester and people will even be able to see two new musicals before they are officially released!

The creator, Beyond Theatre, recently announced the line up of the drive-in theatre in the UK, and it’s Manchester’s turn in May 2021!

It will take place at Manchester’s Trafford Centre for four weeks starting on the 13th of May.

The venue which will be a huge tent with dedicated parking spaces underneath has been verified as COVID-safe since social distancing will be possible at all times. Also, the tent will be open at the sides so fresh air can circulate. Due to these safety measures both the audience and the performers will be protected.

Will People Be Able To Exit Their Vehicles?

Yes, people will be allowed to exit their car, however, they aren’t allowed to walk around.

Waiters will provide food and drinks for the audience.

The Capacity Of The Venue

The venue has a capacity of 200 cars which means that up to 24,000 people can join and enjoy the drive-in theatre.

Which Musicals Would You Watch?

More than 30 shows will be performed in the four-week period in which the theatre will be in Manchester.

  • WhiteWitch is a rock musical narrated by Shakespearean actor Brian Blessed. The theme is a world of wizards, witches, and mysterious creatures.
  • Another rock musical you can watch will be Fallen Angel – set inside an airport terminal.
  • Other shows will be “tributes to starts” such as Power Ballads, Rolling Stones Experience, Totally Tina, and more.

The creative director, Paul Levin, said that he wants to give the audience more than just a good show but an experience. He added that once you drive into the theatre, the environment will change completely and people will leave reality behind.

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