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All upholsteries should be deep cleaned every six months. Sofas shouldn’t be an exception. They are one of the biggest bacteria magnets out there. They absorb all of the dirt and dust in your home as well as body liquids, nasty odors, etc. If you want to ensure the clean state of your home – contact Monster Services and let us know.

We will perform the cleaning using modern and powerful cleaning tools that are all industry-approved. We have tested them, of course, before we started using them so that we could reassure all of you that they will provide high-quality results.

All of our cleaning technicians are all fully trained. Before we hired them we even made sure that they previously had worked in the cleaning fields so when we hired them they all knew what they were doing. But Monster Services wants to provide nothing but the best for our customers so we furthered their knowledge and skills – we made a special training that they all underwent. This training ensured that they all were familiar with the cleaning equipment and techniques that we use.

The service in details

Want to know more about the Sofa Cleaning?

Our company uses the power of steam when cleaning upholstery. This is the only thing that really removes any dirt, bacteria, and other unpleasant things from your sofa.

All other cleaning methods – for example, the DIY ones aren’t able to clean the couch the proper way. They are actually pretty useless and don’t do anything. This type of cleaning and results require to be performed by people that have experience and use the proper equipment.

So if you have decided that you want to let Monster Services do all of the work for you – contact us. You will even receive a free quote. This service, as well as every other service that we can offer, is performed on-site in the comfort of your home or office.

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