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Snorkel With Sharks And Giant Turtles In Manchester!

Have you ever wanted to swim with sharks, giant turtles, and other creatures of the sea? Well, thanks to Sea Life Manchester, you can do that due to their new snorkel cage.

It launched on the 22nd of May, Saturday, and all visitors will be able to swim with more than 1,000 sea creatures.

Guests will see Brown-Banded Bamboo sharks, Black Tip Reef Sharks, and the resident nurse shark – Tessa! Aside from sharks, you will encounter giant green sea turtles (Cammie and Ernie), stingrays, and a lot of interesting fish.

Jenn McDonough, the general manager, stated that this “Snorkel with Sharks” experience was a fantastic addition to their attractions. She also added that sharks are extremely intelligent and unlike movies like Jaws where they portray sharks as easily irritable, in real life, they are placid!

“Snorkel with Sharks” is a one-hour adventure that costs £40. It includes a full introduction to all creatures you will see as well as snorkeling in the shark cage. Suitable age is said to be 10+!

Address: Barton Square into Trafford Centre, Manchester M17 8AS

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