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Need a Commercial or a Domestic Rubbish Removal? Monster Services is the right company for you. We are certified and are fully trained to remove all of the rubbish you want.

You may be moving out, replacing your old fridge with a new one, had builders perform your renovation and now you are left with piles of rubbish. Regardless of your reasons, we will come and help.

Interested in what we can offer you?

This service will ensure you a home free of rubbish. Our fully professional team will come to your property and will load the rubbish in our vans. We have mastered this service so keep in mind we do not waste time and will finish as quick as possible.

All of the trash you have is then transported to a garbage dump and is thrown away.

You can receive an exact price once you contact us and let our customer service agents plan a viewing. There are some cases where they will be able to calculate your quote only by you sending us pictures of the rubbish.

Things you should keep in mind

  1. Yes, we do throw away rubbish but when it comes to food – we won’t be able to throw it. If you give us a couple of garbage bags we kindly ask of you to check if there is food in them.
  2. For those of you that want us to throw something big like a wardrobe – before we put it in our van, we need to break it so that we can fit it. This means that we will need more time to complete the service.
  3. Another thing we want to know is whether this rubbish is on the outside or it’s inside your home. For the cases it’s on the inside, our team needs to be reassured that it can fit through the door. This way they would be able to carry them to the vans.
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