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Who likes to clean their house? It’s so much work. It consumes time and effort and in the end, you are extremely tired. We all live busy lives and we can rarely afford to waste it on cleaning. With all of the responsibilities, we all have it can get challenging – balancing both work, social life, and taking care of our home.

Here is the secret to balancing all of the above – Monster Services.

Do you have a cleaning task for us?

We will do it. Living in a clean and organized home environment is very important so why neglect it any longer and waste even more time? Contact us and we will maintain your house clean at all times.

This cleaning service is fully customizable so you get to choose how often you want us to perform it – weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, etc. We promise that your home will be spotless after each visit to our fully trained cleaning technicians. Our company is going to send you the same cleaner each time. We know how hard it is to welcome a new person at home. When it’s the same cleaner each time they will get familiar with you and your requirements and you will get to know them. If you do request a brand new cleaner and you no longer want the old one to come – we will cater to our customers’ demands and requirements at all times.

What does this service include?

Everyone on our team is fully trained and is able to give you the best results out there. When we hired our cleaning technicians we did a background check on them. We wanted all of them to have previously worked in the cleaning fields. Aside from that, we created special training for all of them. So not only do they have years of experience in our fields, they were trained to use the most powerful and efficient cleaning methods out there.

They will deep clean your entire home while they focus on heavy-duty areas more – bathroom, kitchen, bedrooms, hallways.

For the customers that have specific requirements – please, inform our customer service agents when you are booking us and they will list them to our cleaning technicians.

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