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Did you spend countless hours trying to find a decent company to take care of the chores in your home? As you probably saw, we can do it all – from cleaning to gardening to helping you move out of your house or even hang a painting.

We are experts in what we do and we have mastered each and every one of the services we offer to our customers. This makes us efficient, hard-working, and very quick when it comes to performing the jobs. We do not waste time, materials, or money – which also makes our prices pretty affordable and budget-friendly.

Do you want to experience the highest quality services and the best results in town? Check out our full price list and contact us at 0330 124 0314.

Regular Domestic Cleaning Prices

All prices are per cleaner per hour
6+ hours a week –¬†¬£12
3 to 5 hours a week –¬†¬£13
2 hours a week –¬†¬£14

Hard Floor Cleaning Prices

£4 per square meter

Pressure Washing Cleaning Prices

£ 2 per square meter (minimum price is £45)

Shop Cleaning Prices

Office Cleaning Prices

Curtain Cleaning Prices

The starting price of half-length pair of curtains –¬†¬£ 23
The starting price of half-length pair of curtains –¬†¬£ 29

Gardening Cleaning Prices

Kitchen Appliances Cleaning Prices

Fridge £19
Freezer £19
Microwave –¬†¬£16
Splashback –¬†¬£15
Hob –¬†¬£16
Extractor –¬†¬£16

Upholstery Cleaning Prices

The starting price for armchair ‚Äst¬£19
The starting price for office chair –¬†¬£ 6
The starting price for dining chairs –¬†¬£ 7

One-Off Cleaning Prices

All detergents and equipment will be provided by Monster Services at extra charge

£16 per hour per cleaner

£17 per hour per cleaner

Removal Cleaning Prices

Per hour, minimum of 2 hours
1 Man –¬†¬£42
2 Men –¬†¬£62
3 Men –¬†¬£82
Per half day, minimum of 4 hours
1 Man –¬†¬£124
2 Men –¬†¬£184
3 Men –¬†¬£224
Per day, minimum of 8 hours
1 Man –¬†¬£258
2 Men –¬†¬£328
3 Men –¬†¬£428

Carpet Cleaning Prices

Keep in mind the following prices are starting

Bedroom –¬£ 27
Dining/ Living Room £ 34
Hallway £ 14
Small Rug £ 17
Large Rug £ 28
Study/ Small Room-£ 16
Bathroom £ 9

Oven Cleaning Prices

The minimum price for this service is £49. All of the following prices are starting.

Small Oven Cleaning £49
Double Oven Cleaning –¬£69
Hob –¬£16
Small Oven+Extractor+Hob £79

End of Tenancy Cleaning Prices

Studio Flat –¬†¬£99
One Bedroom Property –¬£133
Two-Bedroom Property –¬†¬£169
Three Bedroom Property –¬†¬£219
Four Bedroom Property –¬†¬£255

These prices are starting.

Sofa Cleaning Prices

Sofa by seat, starting price –¬†¬£ 16
Two-seat microfibre sofa, starting price –¬£39
Three-seat suede sofa, starting price –¬†¬£70

Mattress Cleaning Prices

Single Mattress –¬†¬£22
Double Mattress –¬†¬£33
Kind Size Mattress –¬†¬£44
Queen Size Mattress –¬†¬£50

After Builders Cleaning Prices

All detergents and equipment can be provided by Monster Services at extra charge.

Domestic After Builders Cleaning
‚Äʬ†18¬£¬†per cleaner per hour

Commercial After Builders Cleaning
‚Äʬ†¬£19¬†per cleaner per hour

Window Cleaning Prices

1st Floor
£12 per window (inside)
£18 per window (inside and out)
1 Bed House
£68 (inside)
£105 (inside and out)
2 Bed House
£89 (inside)
£128 (inside and out)
3 Bed House
£95 (inside)
£136 (inside and out)
4 Bed House
£115 (inside)
£190 (inside and out)
5 Bed House
£138 (inside)
£239 (inside and out)
6 Bed House
£183 (inside)
£320 (inside and out)
Small Conservatory
£47 (inside)
£75 (inside and out)
Big Conservatory
£68 (inside)
£99 (inside and out)

Rubbish Removals Services Prices

Keep in mind all of these prices are examples simply because each job is different.

  • ¬£80¬†for the removal of a two seater sofa (up to 100kg).
  • ¬£60¬†for the removal of a mattress (up to 50kg).
  • A Fridge Freezer that is up to 100kg =¬†¬£80
  • ¬£650¬†for a removal that fills in the whole van.

Handyman Service Prices

The minimum charge for this service is £58 for an hour on weekdays and it’s £69 for an hour on weekends or official holidays.

The starting price for 4 hours a day (which is a half-day rate) is £190 and the starting price for 6+ hours (which is a full day rate) is £294.

We cannot give you an exact price or example ones simply because each job is different and has a variety of requirements in order to complete in successfully.

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