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Cleaning exterior surfaces like driveways, patios, garage doors, walkways, concrete is not an easy task especially when you don’t have the proper equipment.

Successful exterior surface cleaning can be done with one technique only – pressure washing. Mold, stains, weather marks, dirt, etc. will be removed by our fully trained cleaning technicians with the help of our powerful equipment.

We invest only in modern industry-approved tools that work best and provide amazing results. We want to be able to give our customers an amazing cleaning with the desired results.

Our prices are affordable. Pressure washing is usually on the expensive side so how are we able to provide both high-quality cleaning and budget-friendly prices? Well, like we previously said, we use powerful equipment. These machines use less water than the normal ones meaning that they waste less water. The big problem with pressure washing is the fact that the tools waste tons of water and the prices of the service jump. But our company, Monster Services, has found the perfect way to be environment-friendly and reduce the waste of water.

We can provide you with two different cleaning methods

There are two cleaning methods that we use – cold pressure washing and hot pressure washing. It all depends on the surface that needs to be cleaned. Once our cleaning technicians come to the property they will decide which method is suitable and should be used. Then they will proceed with the cleaning. Forget about dirt, dust, marks, stains, and anything else that is unwanted – we will make sure to remove it all in the fastest possible way.

If you live close to a busy street you are most likely experiencing chewing gum that is stuck on the driveway. This is a huge problem that bothers most of our clients. They question whether the pressure washing will be able to remove the stains from the gum – yes, it will. And actually, pressure washing is the only efficient way to get rid of these annoying things.

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