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Once you realize the number of bacteria that hide in your oven and what are the consequences of a dirty oven, you will understand how important cleaning it is actually.

The number of bacteria is endless. You can add built-up food, grease, and oil to the mix. Not the best place to cook your food.

The consequences of not professionally cleaning your oven

Now that you know your oven stores a lot of bacteria itโ€™s time to learn one more thing. All of these germs are being transferred to your food when you leave it cooking inside. And later on, you consume them.

Bacteria is the cause of food poisoning. And consuming them equals food poisoning in most cases. One of the worst bacteria that you can consume is called E. Colli.

The only thing that can remove all of these unwanted things like germs, oil, leftover food, grease is a professional deep clean. We will provide you with an oven that is bacteria-free as well as we will remove all of the build-up grease, oil, leftover food that are piling up with every meal you prepare. Our fully trained cleaning technicians will leave you with an oven that is sanitized and ready to be used.

Another very unpleasant thing that happens is how the flavor of the food you last prepared now transfers to the new thing you are preparing. Not a fan of eating the chicken you made and it tasting like the potatoes you last made? We can fix this problem for you very easily.

What does this process include exactly?

How will our cleaning technicians provide you with an oven that is spotless on the outside and on the inside?

The process starts with them disassembling all of the removable parts and putting them in a special powerful detergent to soak. This will remove all of the leftover grease, oil, and bacteria.

Then they will continue with actually cleaning the oven – both on the inside and the outside. They will make sure absolutely everything unwanted is gone. When they are finished, they will assemble the removable parts – and your oven is perfectly clean and ready to be used again.

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