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Looking for a company that can provide you with quality handyman services? You are exactly where you need to be then.

We guarantee that we will do exactly what you want to be done in your home (or your office, shop, restaurant, etc.). We won’t turn you down if you want a handyman service at a commercial scale – everyone on our team is capable in performing even the biggest jobs out there so it won’t be a problem.

All of our handymen are trained. Yes, just like anyone else on our team, they had to undergo excessive training. We can’t offer you amazing results and not be able to deliver them, right? We wanted to be able to say that absolutely everyone on the team is an expert in our fields.

Why do you want to book this service?

Handyman Service includes a wide variety of jobs that can be performed for you. Have specific chores around the house that you don’t feel like doing or you need help with? Need a light bulb to be replaced, want some pictures to be hung? Honestly, our team can do just about everything around your house that needs to be fitted, assembled, fixed, and much more.

For specific job requirements, make sure you contact us and ask our customer service agents whether it’s possible for our handyman to do it.

You can check an example list of things customers often request

  1. TV fitting
  2. Hanging mirrors
  3. Hanging pictures
  4. Assembling furniture
  5. Replacing light-switches and light bulbs
  6. Painting
  7. Fitting shelves
  8. Floor Installation
  9. Installation of patio
  10. Restoration of water damage

You can check an example list of things customers have requested but our handyman can’t do

  1. Jobs requiring electricity work in wet-rooms/ bathrooms that don’t fit handyman and need to be performed by a certified electrician.
  2. Jobs like installation of a boiler, or any repairs that don’t fit handyman and need to be performed by a certified plumber.

This service is hourly-based

So you should keep in mind that certain jobs can’t be done in a couple of hours and require a day or two. If our handyman will be scraping off old paint, will be filling holes that are larger than 2cm, most likely they won’t be able to complete the job in a couple of hours.

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