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With our help, moving out of your current home will never be challenging and stressful ever again. The final cleaning that has to take place is never fun and the requirements are very high – something that Monster Services are prepared for and can deliver without a problem.

We guarantee to deliver you a hassle-free result that you will love. Want to get your final deposit and pass all of the requirements of the tenants? Just contact us and you will receive the highest quality service out there.

All of our cleaning technicians are extremely knowledgeable and have undergone excessive training. This makes them the perfect fit for the End of Tenancy Cleaning. Fully trained with years of experience using modern industry-approved equipment – nothing can go wrong. They have performed thousands of cleanings in their lives and have helped tons of people get their deposits back.

So why worry about yours when you have us behind your back? We will support you and follow any demand and requirements you may have?

If the tenants do have specific requirements and you want the final result to be a certain way – please, make sure you list them all to our customer service agents which will then tell our cleaners.

If such a list of requirements does not exist – don’t feel like it needs to. As we previously said, our cleaning technicians are all experts and know what they are doing. They don’t need such a list to achieve the best results. They know exactly where to clean and which area of the property needs to be focused on.

If you don’t believe us – see for yourself. We have a 48-hour guarantee. This means that if something goes wrong, we missed something, or you aren’t completely satisfied with the results our team will come back and re-clean everything. These 48 hours are before the first visit.

Additional services that you should consider

When it comes to moving out, you will most likely need two other things – a Carpet Clean and Removal Services. Thankfully to you, we can provide them to you as well.

Carpet Cleaning is important for the final inspection because it’s a service that will deep-clean a carpet and will bring back the appeal it had when it was first bought. All End of Tenancy Services do vacuum all the carpets but a deep-clean using steam provides different results that can’t even be compared.

Our Removal Services will ensure that all of your belongings are transported from your old home to your new one with no risk of damage.

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