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Curtains are one of these things that need to be cleaned from times to times – but it seems like no one takes care of them. You can leave this unpleasant and time-consuming task to our team. They are all fully trained and experienced.

Don’t worry about any damages – there will be none. The cleaning methods that we use are all efficient and do not hide any risks for your curtains – don’t worry about things like shrinkage, loose stitching, discoloration, creasing, or any other damage. Our cleaning technicians use only industry-approved cleaning methods including steam cleaning. Steam provides amazing results at all times, it’s safe, and it is efficient.

Let us clean your curtains and you will see the difference.

We wouldn’t recommend you trying to clean them on your own – especially if you think about throwing them in the washing machine. The damage you will do is something that you can’t reverse. Why do this to yourself? Don’t force yourself to buy new curtains to replace the old ones. Contact Monster Services instead. You will save a lot of money, effort, and time. Our fully trained cleaning technicians will provide you with high-quality service and amazing results.

Our team will return the beauty and appeal of your curtains in no time and they will look brand new.

This service is performed on-site therefore we won’t make you unhook and carry them to a special place where we can clean them for you. Instead, we will come and do the cleaning in the comfort of your own home – and you don’t even have to unhook them.

What exactly will our team do?

As we said, our team will steam clean your curtains. This will remove any dirt, dust, bacteria, nasty odors, etc. that are hiding deep into the fabric.

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