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We guess it’s time to introduce ourselves, right?

 Monster Services can provide you with a wide variety of services – we specialize in the cleaning fields, we can help you with moving out, gardening, we can even perform Handy Man jobs for you.

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The Monster Services team consists of a lot of people and is filled with experts that have mastered the different services we offer our customers. Don’t think that because we are a big team and we have many services that don’t have anything in common we are chaotic – quite the opposite.

You can say we are the company that can do it all.


Have our certified gardeners ready to take full care of your garden.

Commercial After Builders

From schools to apartment complexes, we have done it all!

Floor Sanding and Restoration

Hard floors are stylish and bring a welcoming feel to a house - let us maintain their beauty.

Having different experts master and perform only one service has helped us grow into the successful company we are today. We are organized and everything behind the scenes happens very effortlessly and easy. No one in our team feels pressured and they are all quite motivated and focused on delivering amazing results to our clients.

We strongly believe that happy employees equal happy customers. 

We have invested in their trainings so when we first hired them they underwent excessive training that taught them the different techniques to execute the services, how to use our industry-approved and modern equipment, etc. Now they are all fully certified, capable, and knowledgeable to perform even the most challenging jobs in their fields – we have cleaning technicians, drivers, and movers for our removal services, gardeners, handyman, etc.

All of the services we offer can be performed both at a domestic scale and a commercial one. Over the years, we invested in both our equipment and the training of our team so they are fully capable of delivering high-quality no matter the task.

We want to highlight and talk a little bit about our customer service agents – the bridge between our team and the customers. They are all fully trained as well as they are extremely friendly. They know any little detail about the services we offer, how are they performed so if you need additional information about anything you can ask right away. They will also give you a free quotation that will show the exact price for the service you want done.

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